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We provide Reiki courses in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  

Nick is an 8th Generation Reiki Master/Teacher. He teaches one of the purest lineages of Westernised Usui Reiki existing in the world today.

The word "Reiki" (Rei="universal", Ki="energy") means "Universal Energy".  Reiki uses high vibration energy for healing.  Reiki is often integrated with other forms of holistic healing.

reiki chiang mai

Anybody can learn to channel the Reiki energy for oneself or others.  This ability is received during the Reiki courses.  

Reiki training is received over four levels - Reiki 1, Reiki 2, Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher.  To study the sacred art of Reiki is to embark on a personal path of evolution within the psychic arts.

Reiki treatment feels warm and supportive.  Treatment is received fully clothed in a confidential and safe environment.  The touch of Reiki fundamentally helps us to open to that we unconsciously seek to close, to accept what is rejected and integrate darkness into light.

Further to his work as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Nick is a Master level member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis with 12 years of international experience assisting people with personal change.

Nick is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he offers courses and treatments upon request.

Nick's life work is to promote the use of consciousness for healing. For more information about Nick and his philosophy, please visit his full site Hypnotherapy and NLP in Chiang Mai Thailand

About the teacher

nicholas harris reiki master chiang mai

Nicholas Harris is an 8th Generation Reiki Master/Teacher and an Integrative Hypnotherapist.

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Reiki courses and treatments

reiki courses and treatment in chiang mai

Courses and treatments are available upon request. Contact for the schedule.

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